End Hype 008 - Media Builds Your Business

end hype podcast May 09, 2020

Why spend time and time building a presence on social media?

Why not just keep working in secret?

Many types of businesses can succeed without social media as a sales channel. Traditional industries and hardcore B2B companies can grow (believe it or not) while still barely having a website. Why can’t you do that as well?

Creating content enables communication and allows feedback to start refining your message.

Like many things in business, we need to go beyond linear (transactional) thinking and move into network (relational) thinking.

If you think you are not cool enough or “ready” ...

It's not about the flex. 

It's about the come up story.

People miss the entire point.

Stage 0

Be known. If I don't know you, I can't do business with you.

Stage One

Define and refine your message, story, and brand.

Stage Two

Find, build an audience that relates to your story.

Stage Three

Attract team members and partners

Stage Four

Build community

Deploy traction products 


Your audience and brand is your business. Your list is worth real money and can validate your existence to investors or partners.

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