End Hype 011 - Move Beyond Affiliate Marketing and Build an Influencer Brand

end hype podcast Jun 14, 2020

Everyone wants to be a youtuber or another flavor of social media influencer. The attention from moderate fame or the connection to so many people or the opportunity to make money might excite people. Creating content to engage and grow an audience requires a level of consistent effort and dedication most people just don’t have.

What happens when the audience or platform shifts?

What happens after de-monitization?

What happens after the notoriety?

I see brands building sizable businesses on the audiences of influencers. Vloggers, artists, musicians, and fitness people are making pennies on the dollar. I understand these brands pay well for the sales but they walk away with a business. Eventually, with growth, these brands might not even need influencers.

Solid companies, like MVMT, GymShark, Countless supplement brands, have launched product businesses using influencers for affiliate marketing. There is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with the situation. The strategy seems to work.

Maybe people are busy with content creation and community building.

Maybe people think running their own business is difficult or in some way exploitative of the audience. I am not sure.

Smaller content creators should learn what the titans already know ...

What Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons know … 

What the Kardashians already know ...

Hell, Jessica Simpson might not understand chicken of the sea but she knows …

Creating the right products builds a personal brand.


Building products does not dilute or ruin a brand. 

Repping the same junk as everyone else dilutes a brand.

Great personal brands happen because of the time spent to develop unique content and style. Over time, people find the right niche, refine the message, and build a following. Millions of people are trying and only a tiny fraction are succeeding.

Why do all the hard work to win only to be an affiliate for the same products as everyone else?

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