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End Hype 004 - Innovation Challenges to Fund Your Dream

end hype podcast Apr 11, 2020

What is an Innovation Challenge?

Large organizations create programs offering entrepreneurs large cash prizes for ideas solving a specific problem area.

We contributed a lot of time working with solar programs but STEM, clean water robotics, industrial IoT, unmanned systems (drones), eco-friendly luxury products, and everything else have programs. I see them in almost every industry and demographic focus.

We see them with top prizes from 10k to 1mil. Seriously.

Why would a company sponsor this? Why would someone pay inventors, entrepreneurs, and smaller businesses for ideas? It is a good deal for them. Don't big companies have all the resources they need? No.

Large organizations have execution resources (like money, infrastructure, and personnel) but lack the agility to easily uncover smaller opportunities or to deploy alternative technology and thinking. They lack the exploration capabilities especially in emerging, niche areas.

R&D at a billion dollar corporation is an...

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End Hype 003 - Ideas and Adaptation

end hype podcast Apr 04, 2020

 This is the End Hype Podcast. Callye Keen talks entrepreneurship, manufacturing, marketing, and everything to dominate the physical product business. End the hype. Make the future.

Disruption and strife reveal the shortcomings and challenges that good times mask. Looking at the long term, we will come out stronger and better from this situation. Stay positive. Look for opportunities to solve problems.

Callye gives one of the ideation exercises from the Red Blue Collective Framework. Use Level 10 to discover valuable, executable ideas in a problem space. Use the tool alone to explore or with a team to collaborate.

Want to be featured on the podcast? We are looking for entrepreneurs and professionals to share their experiences. DM us.


This is the End Hype podcast. I'm Callye Keen. I'm here to deliver the...

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End Hype 002 - The Ultimate Marketing Strategy

end hype podcast Mar 28, 2020
What is the Ultimate Marketing Strategy?
Is it blowing a ton of cash on Tik Tok, Insta, and Faceback to hound potential customers going to make you successful? It could.
Is going back to the basics with blogs and SEO going to make you dominate your market niche? It could help.
Well, what works?
Doing something worth sharing.
Great products and services have a viral component. You make a customer. You make a friend or advocate. That customer goes and tells another person. Now, you are getting customers through word of mouth.
If you want to grow quickly without spending a fortune on ads, create something so undeniably good people have to share. Your work does not have to appeal to everyone. It must (not should) be amazing to someone.
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End Hype 001 - Introduction

end hype podcast Mar 28, 2020

In this episode, your host Callye Keen, introduces himself and the new End Hype Podcast.


So today we're going to do a little background. Who the hell am I? Why should I be talking about this stuff? What have I done? Why you should listen. Why you should turn it off right now, never listen to me again, unsubscribe. All those good things.

So here's the deal. I've been in manufacturing my whole life. My family has been in manufacturing since the 50s. I grew up in a manufacturing facility. When I was old enough running equipment, checking parts. Then I got into product development. So I've been in product development for almost 15 years. I've developed hundreds of products. I sat shotgun with entrepreneurs and startups and big companies, government entities, and saw how they went from paper, from an idea, from just requirements to prototypes to production. We're talking about growing businesses from somebody presenting an idea in the conference room to me, to their company...

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