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We reveal our proven strategies to get clarity, secure funding, and build traction

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We have connected entrepreneurs with over $1 million in funding without giving up equity or intellectual property


Passionate disciplined people serious about taking action to serve customers, build traction, and grow a business. From the earliest stage to established businesses, Innovate works.




"Callye has worked with so many entrepreneurs that he’s seen every possible iteration of this process. He provides case studies to his clients that illustrate the various strategies available to entrepreneurs in this space. Working with Callye taught me to think more broadly about my go-to-market strategy and helped me break down mental barriers that were holding me back."

Dawn Myers
Founder of THE MOST


This course is not for the get rich scam crowd. It is not for "idea people" looking to escape effort. Our framework is simple but everything worthwhile requires work.


Using video lessons, live streams, downloadable workbooks, RBC Innovate guides entrepreneurs to overcome the #1 risk to a new venture ...
Building something no one wants

Join Callye Keen as he reveals how Red Blue Collective coaches clients to:

Laser focus your idea
Build customer traction
Dominate pitch events
Win innovation challenges
Secure funding

Innovate gives you the framework to discover and validate opportunities to build real businesses.

Our Clients

Our clients have achieved six figure product launches, made eight figure niche product sales, won innovation challenges, entered top accelerator programs, and secured millions in funding.

"Callye is a phenomenal entrepreneur that put my company, VINETEQ, on the right track. Without Callye, VINETEQ would have had a short period of operation. He leads you to think in a way that puts the clients above the products you are selling. I greatly appreciate his help and his position as an Advisor at VINTEQ. His extensive knowledge in product development, having launched over 200 products to market, makes him an excellent mentor to have. If you get the chance to work with Callye, do it."

Josh Clements
Co-Founder of VINETEQ


Lessons learned from experts, refined by experience, and simplified through practice

Find Gaps

Discover high value customer problems and desires worth solving.

Validate Ideas

Find customers who really want your product idea.

Create Traction

Engage customers early through building valuable relationships.

Pitch Vision

Craft pitches communicating your vision to customers, partners, and investors

Develop Mindset

Break the attitudes, beliefs, and stories that inhibit winning.

Prepare for Launch

Build the foundation and trajectory for future growth.

So Much More

Join us for this knowledge-packed course and start your journey.

We have developed hundreds of products for companies of every size

Take advice from people that actually understand the unique challenges to starting and growing a business that makes new things. We have sat shotgun with countless entrepreneurs. We have seen patterns in the successes and failures. Learn from our experience.

A $4,469.00 VALUE

Years of experience, presentations, and coaching contribute to the Red Blue Collective Framework.


The course has major four sections, each with lessons that provide specific knowledge and actions guiding through the process of honing your business idea and pitch.

VALUE: $499

RBC Framework Workbook
Our comprehensive workbook recaps each section, provides exercises, captures progress, and lists additional resources enabling you to get the most value from the course.

VALUE: $247

Slide Deck and Video Pitch Template
Get our tailored pitch templates based on our experience reviewing 1000+ pitches for incubator applications, successful clients, and renown startups.

VALUE: $179

Feedback on your Progress
After kickoff, schedule a Zoom call to discuss your ideas, challenges, and questions. Get immediately actionable advice tailored to your specific situation. Context is king.

VALUE: $997


BONUS: Access to The Collective

Entrepreneurs that work through the course tools have priority access to our network of resources. Cut through the nonsense and hassle of finding partners for engineering, prototyping, manufacturing, or  marketing. Use the Collective.

VALUE: $2500

BONUS: Funding Opportunity List

We collected a list of major pitch events, innovation challenges, and accelerators. Find challenges with organizations begging for solutions. Connect with opportunities for funding.

VALUE: $47

A $4,469 Value for $297 

Red Blue Collective is pricing this course to continue our mission of helping regular people realize their vision and become entrepreneurs.

Course Schedule

RBC Innovate is a 6 week course with 4 main modules. We recommend allocating approximately 6-8 hours per week.


We review course structure and establish goals.

Module One: Foundation

We describe the core concepts and philosophies that make the RBC Frameworks so effective.

Module Two: Exploration

We identify a high value problem and refine an idea into a solution.

Module Three: Validation

We validate a business idea through experimentation and offers.

Module Four: Definition

Gather the information into effective communication tools including pitch presentation, business model canvas, and product definition.


We provide feedback on pitch, business model, and other elements of the RBC Framework Workbook

Transform your idea into something real. Give your inspiration life.


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