Misfit Brand Academy

Coaching DTC product entrepreneurs to unlock scale without Facebook ads, complex funnels, or questionable tactics.

Get the clarity to take control of building something significant without losing your mind, money, or life balance.

I will show you how to align your goals with the business, how to develop a memorable brand selling premium products, and how unlock potential with partnerships.

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One Clear Path to Grow 

Misfit Brand Academy uses strategies we developed while advising innovative startups to attract early customers and investment. 

If you are sick of wasting money on ads, being underwhelmed by influencers, or frustrated by nonsense guru business tactics, the Academy is a different approach.


Increase revenue and profit with premium products


Grow audience and recognition with collaborations


Expand product portfolio with simple "bolt on" opportunities

Callye has worked with so many entrepreneurs that he’s seen every possible iteration of this process. He provides case studies to his clients that illustrate the various strategies available to entrepreneurs in this space. Working with Callye taught me to think more broadly about my go-to-market strategy and helped me break down mental barriers that were holding me back.

Dawn Myers
Founder of THE MOST

Our Framework

Three Eternal Principles
Nine Groundbreaking Strategies
One Proven Framework

Establishing the Goals

Start with the end in mind. Align personal and business goals with action and outcome.

Identifying the Who

Find your tribe. Define where they are, what they value, and what they are trying to become.

Finding the Story

Talk to real people. Find the obstacles to customers achieving transformational change.

Dominating the Competition

Competition is for losers. Create dominating product offers while selling at a premium. 

Developing the Portfolio

Products are strategies for a moment in time. Learn powerful,  actionable strategies to grow in this moment.

Releasing the Offer

Use your existing customer list for simple soft launches without friction or ads to generate revenue.

Leveraging the Feedback

Use testimonials and suggestions to amplify launches through customer social reach.

Pitching the Collab

Create simple joint venture launches to dramatically increase sales while increasing brand awareness.

Seeing the Path

Get a vision of future optimization and scale to decouple owner time from business potential.

Callye is a phenomenal entrepreneur that put my company, VINETEQ, on the right track. Without Callye, VINETEQ would have had a short period of operation. He leads you to think in a way that puts the clients above the products you are selling. I greatly appreciate his help and his position as an Advisor at VINTEQ. His extensive knowledge in product development, having launched over 200 products to market, makes him an excellent mentor to have. If you get the chance to work with Callye, do it.

Josh Clements
Co-Founder of VINETEQ

Money is not the Mission.

Money Makes the Mission Possible.

Great brands stand for something. Great products help customers achieve a transformational change. Learn how certainty, novelty, connection, contribution, and other human needs transform things into movements.

What would you do?

  • With a more predictable system of finding and launching products
  • With a well-known brand collaborating with influencers 
  • With a more profitable product business built ready to scale
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The Academy is not for Everyone

We are looking for entrepreneurs ready to grow real businesses and brands. A huge part of our strategy is collaborating with the Red Blue Collective network, entrepreneurs in the Academy, and other businesses.

This program is not for the get rich scam crowd. It is not for "idea people" looking to escape effort. Our framework is simple but everything worthwhile requires work.

Misfit Brand Academy teaches powerful strategies not tactics. We will not build a Shopify page, prototype a product, or run Facebook ads. The program will teach you deep strategies to grow a brand.

What is Included in Misfit Brand Academy

I refuse to do the "value stack" tactic listing the program components and features with absurd prices ending in 7s.

I have spent well over a decade learning, implementing, and coaching the information in this program. Schedule a call if you want to talk about results or accomplishments. I do not need to pump up this page into a resume or highlight reel. 

Misfit Brand Academy is a straightforward program offering a proven process delivered through videos supported by workbooks and livestreams.


Lifetime access to our framework content including videos, checklists, and worksheets for a clear growth path.


10 week access to weekly live Q&A coaching sessions to bring context to the program strategies and tactics. 


Immediate access to our network of resources to support your growth to 7 figures and beyond.

  • Manufacturing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales and More

Stop Relying on Tactics. Start Building a Brand.

We hear our parents and teachers and authority figures say there are no shortcuts in life. Wrong.

Learn from someone else's experience. Get a mentor. Get a coach. If you want to grow a business by selling products, I might be your shortcut.

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End Hype

End Hype isn't just some phrase.

End Hype is our philosophy.

End Hype is a movement.

We are sick of ...

  • Business books with 200 pages of filler
  • Gurus copying and offering useless content
  • Venture capitialist bankers offering startup advice
  • Fancy talk from fancy people with zero action

We are the brilliant misfits who realized entrepreneurship is the best (if not only) vehicle to achieve personal and financial goals. We are for honest action, coupled with long term thinking without nonsense. 

If you are ready, join us.