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The Ultimate Product Launch helps Brilliant Misfits launch a product in 90 days so they can build a real business without massive investment, endless effort, or anxious overwhelm.

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Our clients have created incredible product businesses across industries.

Your Million Dollar Idea is Waiting

Everyone has a million dollar idea.

People feel they do not have the time, money, or experience to make their idea a reality.

With our Formula, anyone can start launching products and growing their business. Watch us apply our Formula and process every week to create a real business.

Context beats information. 


We will use crowdfunding to get the money for manufacturing and growth.


We will show you how to launch a product business as a side hustle with as little as an hour a day.


We will team with expert partners instead of learning everything the hard way.

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The Team

We know the value of collaboration. To make this campaign work, we will pull in experts in addition to the core team.

Samit Max Patel

Zero to $43 million launching consumer products to market, Director of & Recommend by Kickstarter & Indiegogo as a Crowdfunding & Product Launch Expert. 

Callye Keen

Developed 100s of products working with entrepreneurs to Fortune 100 companies. Founder of Red Blue Collective. Chief Business Development Officer at Kform.

The Formula

After years of learning, working, and coaching, we have stripped away the jargon, dogma, and fluff to create a simple formula for launching and growing product businesses.

B + O + P = Success


Create a clear plan of what you want, who you serve, and the problem you solve. Develop an unequaled Brand Promise.


Beat the competition with winning, premium products. Create and launch ideas using a simple, targeted approach.


Unchain your time from your potential. Partner with influencers, manufacturers, distributors, etc. for rapid growth.


"Callye has worked with so many entrepreneurs that he’s seen every possible iteration of this process."


"Without his encouragement, advice, and all the resources that he connected us to, we would have not gotten this once in a lifetime chance of working on our startup full time."

The Plan

The Ultimate Product Launch Campaign will show the complete process of launching a simple product. This is not another webinar boring you to death or another case study showing rare results.

We are doing this live for free to empower entrepreneurs.

Follow week after week as we turn an idea into an actual business. Go beyond information with context

Streams Every Week

Get updates every week on each decision, action, and strategy.

Private Community

Learn from each other as we grow a movement bigger than this campaign.

Public Launch

No fake Shopify or Amazon stats. We will launch on Kickstarter for transparent results.

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Here is a sneak peak at the schedule and topics we will cover during The Ultimate Product Launch Campaign

Kick Off

Week 0

The Ultimate Product Launch shows Brilliant Misfits how to launch a product in 90 days so they can build a real business without massive investment, endless effort, or anxious overwhelm.

Get world-class knowledge taught through a real-life example by actual experts.

Customer Niche

Week 1 – 05/12/2021

How do we pick a winning market niche? I will show you the SIMPLE method I use to find and define the best customer avatars using a blend of data and personal interest. We will cover the avatar I selected for UPLC and why.

Customer Stories

Week 2 – 05/19/2021

How do we find out what to sell? How do we validate an idea? I will show you how I discover and refine product ideas for free without complex technology. We will cover the stories and problems I uncover from real customers.

Competitive Analysis

Week 3 – 05/26/2021

How to we differentiate and compete in a saturated market? I will show you the tools and techniques I use to find gaps in the market. We will cover the problems with existing product features and marketing.

Product Sourcing

Week 4 – 06/02/2021

How do we get products manufactured without wasting a ridiculous amount of time and money? I will discuss our exclusive product strategy and show the process of selecting a manufacturing partner for the launch.

Portfolio Building

Week 5 – 06/09/2021

How can we increase the amount customers spend while enhancing the brand? I will show you the easiest strategy to enhance cart value and customer lifetime value through supporting SKUs. We will cover what simple products I select for launch.

Feedback Testing

Week 6 – 06/16/2021

How do we know our product idea is good? I will show you how to rapidly improve products and build early customer interest through engagement. We will cover trying out competitive products and our prototype to get feedback.

Prototype Test Cycle

Week 7 – 06/23/2021

What happens when a product fails? I will show you how I iterate on designs quickly using a 50+ year old framework for improvement. We will cover the testing, feedback, and improvements to the product.

Pre-Launch Landing Page

Week 8 – 06/30/2021

What goes on a good product launch landing page? I will show you the simple template I use to start capturing emails immediately. We will cover how I build and evolve product pages.

Pre-Launch Marketing

Week 9 – 07/07/2021

How do we get sign ups for a product that customers cannot purchase? I will show you how we drive traffic to the landing page to get pre-registrations. We will cover the social ads we ran including how they were set up and how they performed.

Pre-Launch Content Blitz

Week 10 – 07/14/2021

How can we build attention quickly to support the launch? I will show you how we create content, pitch news outlets, and collaborate with influencers. We will cover the content I created and the pitches I made.

Kickstarter Launch

Week 11 – 07/21/2021

How do we launch a product on Kickstarter? I will show you how we structure a campaign page based on observable best practices. We will cover how building the page works and the intent behind the video, images, reward levels, etc.

Kickstarter Live

Week 12 – 07/28/2021

What does clicking live look like? I will show you what happens when we go live. Win or Loss. We will cover the results as they happen.

Community Management

Week 11 – 08/04/2021

How does customer support increase Kickstarter campaign success? I will show you strategies and techniques for managing questions and issues. We will cover any problems that come up during the campaign.

Pre-Order Selling

Week 12 – 08/11/2021

How do you sell after a crowdfunding campaign? I will show different strategies for increasing sales after the campaign ends. We will discuss why this is important and what results the product achieves.

Are you ready?

Changing the Game

Why do this?

I am sick of fake gurus charging entrepreneurs insane amounts of money for common knowledge and weak coaching. People are conned into believing one simple trick will transform their life and business. 

I am sick of academic programs for startups and business pushing ineffective methods taught by inexperienced acolytes. People are conned into thinking another degree or certificate will give them the edge.

I want something different.

This campaign is a fun, challenging way to provide massive value and to take a shot at scammers. I want to empower entrepreneurs to launch products and start businesses so they can achieve big goals. 

I help grow product businesses. I do not coach solopreneurs or consult people just starting. Instead, I put out a podcast (End Hype) and do things like this campaign to educate and entertain. I want you to build a real business.

When you are ready to grow, I have been doing this for over 10 years. I am ready to take you to the next level.

- Callye


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