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Callye Keen shares hard fought experience from developing products and growing businesses



Entrepreneur + Consultant + Manufacturing Nerd

I grow product businesses.

Aligning Brand, Product, and Offer for Revenue Growth

How can entrepreneurs increase revenue without spending a fortune on advertising, wasting time on complex tools, or losing credibility with questionable tactics? 

• Creating a strong brand foundation aligned with a customer community
• Offering irresistible products in less time and for less money
• Forming partnerships with leaders and brands through collaborations
• Developing the messaging, content, and campaigns for winning launches

Aligning Brand and Offer for Revenue Growth

Only a small fraction of businesses use venture capital to fund growth. Callye Keen explores a variety of funding sources actual businesses use.

• Bootstrapping with revenue
• Using crowdfunding for initial traction
• Non-Dilutive funding from innovation challenges
• Applying to accelerators and when programs are appropriate
• What makes a business investable?

End Hype

The Movement

We are brilliant misfits who realized entrepreneurship is the best vehicle to achieve our success and impact. We are for honest action, coupled to long term thinking without nonsense. 


The Show

End Hype delivers business knowledge gained from developing and manufacturing 100s of products. The information comes from hard fought experience working with high-growth startups and major corporations.


Callye is an amazing hardware product guru! I worked with him on a strategic level for our RGKit Play Kickstarter campaign on how to increase the reach of the campaign and our tech product. In addition to that, we worked together before during our product development phase, and he was genuinely helpful and supportive.

David Erian
Founder of Argineering


Callye has worked with so many entrepreneurs that he’s seen every possible iteration of this process. He provides case studies to his clients that illustrate the various strategies available to entrepreneurs in this space. Working with Callye taught me to think more broadly about my go-to-market strategy and helped me break down mental barriers that were holding me back.

Dawn Myers
Founder of THE MOST